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Read testimonials from our users from a range of scientific fields and find out how they used CAGE technology to advance their research.

“We do not only measure gene expression, but also identify the network that regulates gene expression. We provide much more information at a much higher level in comparison to just expression analysis.”

Dr. Piero Carninci

“CAGE gives straightforward answers to the questions: Is there anything strange happening with gene regulation in space? Can they expect new, unknown transcription factors? Are there enhancers involved in specifically reacting with alternative gravity? Can we see anything that can signal to us that there is some kind of damaging effect with space radiation?”

Dr. Oleg Gusev

“We utilized the CAGE database to compare the transcriptional initiations and the levels of APC expression in the different normal tissues.”

Dr. Kiyoshi Yamaguchi

“The advantages of CAGE among sequencing methods are that it allows identification of transcription start sites and provides a comprehensive picture of transcriptional activity.”

Dr. Yuichiro Izumi

CAGE method

Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) is a method for promoter identification and transcription profiling developed by RIKEN (Patent Number: US 6174669, US 6221599, US8809518, etc.).

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